A Nation under fire and water.

The silence before the storm.

The name is SudanEase, due to my numerous obligations this blog would be updated randomly from time to time. I will try my best to have a regular post per week but I can’t make any promises though.

Well, Sudan has been put in the spot light regarding the Darfur controversy since early 2004 when the issue was first put under the spot light. Since then this nation has been set under international fire triggering a series of political and economical penalties against Sudan in attempt to pressure the Sudanese government into submitting to approve the intervention of UN forces. The Sudanese government’s struggle to forbid the UN forces from interfering with the proclaimed genocide has only placed Sudanese relations with most nations on thin ice, the most recent of which is the neighbouring Chad.

Moving to the present day, this August’s rain season in Sudan this year has turned out to be disastrous to the people of Sudan and the government who have droughted their own resources on several insignificant issues such as the installment of a new currency. With limited resources and standing mostly alone to face this predicament the nation is failing to resist nature at its worst. The government helpless and under heavy criticism were forced to turn a blind eye. Up till now 67,731 houses were wrecked by the rains, of which 31,540 were damaged beyond repair.

People tend to underestimate such matters, let me remind you that the world’s wealthiest nation, USA, required international assistance to cope with the aftermath of hurricane Katrina. There is one question I would like to raise; how long will it take the world to realise how much the people in Sudan are suffering for being the VICTIMS!??

5 Responses to A Nation under fire and water.

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  2. Son of Sudan says:

    Salamou alikum.
    Good to see you in world of blogging. Hamdullilah you are telling it as is, unlike many bloggers out there who take turns makeing up lies about Sudanese government just because they do not agree politically.

  3. moi says:

    “people in Sudan are suffering for being the victims” that is the real truth. all them western countries putting sanctions on Sudan really dont seem to notice that they are torturing the sweetest most helpless ppl that cud ever exist, while our gov. ppl are living lavishly, cruisin in their yachts n their private jets..
    n wat was the point of changing our currency??? can any sane person answer that plzzzzz..

  4. Emma Ambrose says:

    Was looking through your blog and saw lots of interesting material. Thought that you might be interested in this month’s broadcast of Darfur Radio project.

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